Development Diary #5: Still Alive

It’s been ages since I made an update to the dev. diary, that’s partly due to various commercial jobs unexpectedly coming my way, but also to do with a severe bout of demotivation-itis on my part. The last couple of weeks, however, have been really productive and I feel like I’m not only getting back … Read moreDevelopment Diary #5: Still Alive

Development Diary #4: Progress

The last couple of months have had a pretty steep learning curve but, at last, something vaguely game-like is beginning to take shape. This is what I’ve been working on:

  • Basic camera moves and cuts
  • Various types of animation control
  • Custom cursor with different animated rollover states
  • Real-time and baked shadows with toon-shading
  • Lightswitchs

Unsurprisingly, it’s still my lack of general scripting experience that’s slowing me up. All too often I find myself going online to “quickly” look up a reference, only to encounter basic terms I’ve never heard of and having to spend hours/days down tutorial filled rabbit-holes…

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