Guinness 250th Anniversery, Time Machine…

As part of their 250th anniversery celebrations Guinness are re-showing a selection of their classic television adverts from as far back as 1955. The folk at Piranha Bar were asked to create a virtual contraption on which to screen the ads, this would serve to frame the various different aspect ratios from over the years as well as uniting the series under the 250 Years campaign.

This was my first proper, live, 3d work for Piranha Bar, and was finished in December 2008. As the ads are now airing, I thought I’d post up a turnaround of the stuff I completed for the project.

I modelled these various bits and set up some simple controls for the rotation of the armillary and the compression of the bellows, it was then passed along for texturing and integration into the final animation.

Client: Guinness /  Studio: Piranha Bar