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Pointing and Clicking…

As a few people have asked, I thought I’d share some notes about how I’m setting up my point-and-click interface with Playmaker. I’m pretty sure the Unity 4.2 update opened up NavMesh to Basic users but I don’t think the IK rig is accessible, I’m using that for its “look at” control so you’ll need Pro to recreate this setup completely. You’ll also need the custom actions for both Pathfinding and Mecanim…

There are several things I wanted the character to do in response to a click from the user:

  • look at where the click was made
  • turn to face that point
  • walk towards that point
  • upon arrival, complete an action of some kind

It would also be nice to have a method for stopping a walk before completion and for clicked items to have their own pre-defined destinations eg. clicking on a mountain could result in walking to a balcony to look rather than all the way to the mountain…