Development Diary #5: Still Alive

It’s been ages since I made an update to the dev. diary, that’s partly due to various commercial jobs unexpectedly coming my way, but also to do with a severe bout of demotivation-itis on my part. The last couple of weeks, however, have been really productive and I feel like I’m not only getting back on track, but making way better progress than I have at any other stage. The solution to my problems, it turns out, was pretty straight forward, throw a bit of money at them. I recently decided to invest in Playmaker, FingerGestures, EasySave and 2D Toolkit. I’ll write up a bit more about my experiences with them and how they’ve helped to reinspire me later, for the moment you can see how I’m getting on in the video below…

Development Diary #4: Progress

The last couple of months have had a pretty steep learning curve but, at last, something vaguely game-like is beginning to take shape. This is what I’ve been working on:

  • Basic camera moves and cuts
  • Various types of animation control
  • Custom cursor with different animated rollover states
  • Real-time and baked shadows with toon-shading
  • Lightswitchs

Unsurprisingly, it’s still my lack of general scripting experience that’s slowing me up. All too often I find myself going online to “quickly” look up a reference, only to encounter basic terms I’ve never heard of and having to spend hours/days down tutorial filled rabbit-holes…

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