Development Diary #10: Drag and drop…

I’ve been flitting around different areas of the project for the past couple of months now, working on art, testing out various interactions and plug-ins, doing a bit of puzzle-design. Recently I’ve been working on some prefab systems that I’ll hopefully be able to just drag and drop into new scenes, first up are doors…

Obviously there are still some issues, the character is jumping about a bit, but at least she’s walking to the right spot and facing the right direction when the animation clip plays, and the pop-up buttons are working okay. The main aim here is to speed up  the process of getting from a static 3d set to a playable scene, I can worry about different types of door and animations etc. later on.


The above settings can also be adjusted afterwards to set up camera and set changes as well as destination targets for characters to walk towards and look at. Again, it’s just a simple case of dragging and dropping the object in question on to their respective target.

I’ll write up some proper notes when I’ve got it tested a bit more thoroughly, alongside a bunch of other similar systems I’m also working on like  stair climbing and camera triggers



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