Development Diary #5: Still Alive

It’s been ages since I made an update to the dev. diary, that’s partly due to various commercial jobs unexpectedly coming my way, but also to do with a severe bout of demotivation-itis on my part. The last couple of weeks, however, have been really productive and I feel like I’m not only getting back on track, but making way better progress than I have at any other stage. The solution to my problems, it turns out, was pretty straight forward, throw a bit of money at them. I recently decided to invest in Playmaker, FingerGestures, EasySave and 2D Toolkit. I’ll write up a bit more about my experiences with them and how they’ve helped to reinspire me later, for the moment you can see how I’m getting on in the video below…


3D-artist and fledgling Unity Dev. Currently working on a wordless point-and-click adventure game...

2 thoughts to “Development Diary #5: Still Alive”

  1. Just happened across your videos when perusing Unity3D stuff… This style of this game looks really amazing. I hope you’re able to keep up the good work!

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