Updated Prototype…

Took me a while to get my head around it but here’s a new version of the prototype with an updated inventory system. Now you can pick the cubes up off the pedestals AND set them back on again…

Left Click to move around and pick cubes.
Right Click to reset the cursor.
Enter to reset scene.

[WP_UnityObject altimage=”http://www.holyfingers.co.uk/main/wp-content/media/UnityPrototypes/Prototype1/Prototype1_Play.jpg” disablecontextmenu=”true” src=”http://www.holyfingers.co.uk/main/wp-content/media/UnityPrototypes/Prototype2/WebPlayer.unity3d” width=”595″ height=”371″/]


3D-artist and fledgling Unity Dev. Currently working on a wordless point-and-click adventure game...

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